Job Training Program

ServiceWorks St. Louis

ServiceWorks is a service-based professional development program for at-risk 16-24 year olds housed in the United Way of Greater St. Louis. Through a combination of workshops and service projects, ServiceWorks teaches young people soft skills such as leadership, communication, and networking that are essential for college and career success. The full length program takes place over the course of 6-12 weeks, but a shorter version is available through one day “boot camps.”

St. Louis ArtWorks

St. Louis ArtWorks is a 20 year old work training program that provides young adults, 14 through 19 years old, a year round opportunity to gain life skills, boost self-esteem and pocket a hard-earned paycheck. After a competitive application process, teens in the program (apprentices) work in teams to produce artwork which is sold at a public sale, commissioned for public and private clients, and performed publicly.
Working with our partnering Arts Teaching Organizations and their Teaching Teams, we create a curriculum which teaches not only the artistic discipline, but also the business of being an artist. Working on commissioned artwork, apprentices have the experience of meeting their clients, creating artwork, and seeing their work installed.   Apprentices take away a lasting set of experiences, as well as a resume and portfolio of real work and references.
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